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What are Flu Games?

Flu Games are fun educational games, strategy games, idle clickers and action games, and they all revolve around runny noses, watery eyes and fevers. This can only be about the well-worn and lukewarm flu that afflicts one or the other on a regular basis. So what to do when you have to stay in bed all day? Check out our great collection of the best Flu Games in the world! Here, at Silvergames.com, we have collected the funniest and most interesting games about the flu and the tiny evil viruses that are responsible for it.

Here you can decide which side you want to be on. Are you all about figuring out how to stay away from the nasty little viruses? Or do you want the whole human race to be infected by a virus? You can also take the medical side and make sure that there is a vaccine against the most virulent flu as soon as possible. Plunge into the world of microbes, viruses and bacteria - but be careful, this category is highly infectious and contagious. But luckily, you can only infect yourself with fun.

Don't worry, our free great Flu Games are absolutely harmless and fun. You'll learn more about small organisms like viruses and bacteria. Control them or help them infect a body and spread the disease. You may also have to help other characters to escape the infection and overcome many obstacles on each level. Just browse through our fun collection of the best Flu Games and have fun online for free on Silvergames.com!

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