Bandit Games

Bandit Games are adventurous platform puzzle challenges, action-packed shooters and exciting police games that circle around those criminal characters who stand beside the law and don't care about rules and regulations. Break into every building to steal valuable objects, shoot down all the baddies or sneak around a strangers house to nick everything you want while no ones is watching. Here on you can play the best Bandit Games, online and for free.

Start with an episode of the most popular Bandit Game called Bob the Robber. There are several versions for you to try and you play modern Robin Hood who fights against corruption and mafia in his city. Explore series of rooms and buildings and solve different kinds of puzzles to find useful evidence. Bob the Robber is also busy in Japan, Russia and many more cities.

Another fun one is Hostage Rescue, an epic action-packed shooting game in which you can be the hero. Aim precisely and shoot down all the baddies to save the hostages level after level. Whenever your gun is empty you can reload it by quickly moving your gun to the bottom of the screen and back up again. There are more Bandit Games like Cops and Robbers, Wild West: Sheriff Rage, Bandit: Gunslinger and many more. Much fun!

Bandit Games

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