Flow Games

Flow Games are super fun puzzle games with all kinds of particles for you to play online and for free on Silvergames.com. In this cool category you can play with water, sugar and all kinds of liquids to make things flow and master one level after the other. If you love physics-based puzzle games then this collection of the best Flow Games is definitely the right one for you.

Start with Fluid Particles, a fascinating physics based water simulator that lets you create different structures of fluids and release them to see how they behave. This fun game allows you to observe how fluids interact with each other, starting from practically impossible positions.

Another fun one is Sugar Sugar, a simple, yet fiendishly clever little puzzle game. Your goal seems so simple. Just fill the cups with sugar, that's falling from on high. To make sure it actually hits the cups, you get to draw lines on the screen. The falling sweet bits won't move past them, but if they're at an angle they may slide down. There are more Flow Games like Flow Free, Pipe Flow, Liquid Measure and many more. Much fun!

Flow Games

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