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What are Hell Games?

Hell Games are devilishly fun adventures from the depths of the eerie afterlife that will push you to the limits. We know hell as an otherworldly and rather inhospitable place that has a concrete meaning, especially in a religious context. If you don't abide by certain rules in this world, you will burn in hell as punishment for it in the afterlife. Fortunately, in our great collection of the best hell games, nothing like that threatens you - but beware: you might end up laughing your head off, and where will you end up then?

Take on the role of Lucifer and search for lost souls to bring them back to hell, try to escape terrible places in one of our escape games, or fight creepy zombies by taking them down in one of the many shooter games. Hell on Earth can present itself in many different ways, but there's always one thing in common: you want to escape it as soon as possible, because who likes to be stuck in hell?

Surrounded by demons and the devil, hell is probably the scariest place of all. So how about trying to escape the place of damnation by being born again? Repent of your misdeeds and do everything you can to reach the holy ladder back to earth. Don't give up hope and have hellish fun in our cursed category of the best hell games, online and free on Silvergames.com!

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