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What are Demon Games?

Demon Games are shocking point'n'click adventures, scary escape challenges and violent destruction games all featuring supernatural evil creatures. Are you a fan of those evil spirits or devils, that possess other people or act as tormentors in hell? Then this creepy category is definitely the right one for you. Browse through our compilation of the best Demon Games and play your favorite one here, online and for free on 

Start with the most popular one and play Monster Simulator to control a huge, ugly and terrifying creature destroying the city. In this game you get the chance to take on the role of many different kinds of monsters, like a vampire, an ogre, a gargoyle, a kraken and many other evil characters. Or how about one of the episodes of Reincarnation? Take on the role of the tiny purple devil, in which Lucifer himself assigned you to bring back the escaped evil souls to hell or God will close that devilish business.

Another scary Demon Game is Mighty King. In this game you play as the Mighty Knight and hold up your sword to protect the kingdom from all evil. Fight off waves of enemies using your mighty blade as you use upgrades to kill 'em all. There are more cool Demon Games like Dragon Age Journeys, Dragon Age Legends or several episodes of the popular Reincarnation series. Much fun!

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