Army Force Online

Rating: 3.9

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Army Force Online

Army Force Online is a first person shooter based on survival on a dangerous map. Login or register if you don't have an ARMY FORCE ONLINE account yet, choose your nearest location and dive deep into this awesome 3D multiplayer first person shooting game! Your mission is to shoot daunting opposing soldiers. No matter what game mode you choose you can use a wide variety of lethal weapons to defeat your enemy forces online.

This game has very realistic and detailed graphics, which will provide every player with a lot of fun. Spawn in a relistic map with other survivors and try to defeat the zombies who want to eat your brains out! You will start armed with a knife only but you can collect other weapons that are hidden all over the map. If the zombies catch you, you will be infected and respawn as a zombie yourself so be careful! Much fun!

Controls: Mouse = Aim / Shoot, Arrows = Move, Left Shift = Run, Space = Jump, 1-2 = Change Weapon, F = Pick Up Weapon, R = Reload, C = Crouch, T = Chat


Army Force Online: MenuArmy Force Online: Gameplay Shooting EnemiesArmy Force Online: Facing Enemy Multiplayer IoArmy Force Online: Gameplay Shooting Io Battlefield

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