Combat 4

Rating: 3.9

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Combat 4

Combat 4 is a fun multiplayer ego-shooter battle royale game. Join the 4th installment of the modern combat game, the ultimate first person shooter. Your mission is to take out and kill enemies with a wide variety of weapons. Show no mercy! Begin your fight with real players from all around the world right now. Just enter a room and choose the team you want to fight for in Combat 4. You can collect different weapons and shoot your way through a mass of merciless enemies.

On this battlefield you have to rely on your team mates and work together to defeat the opposing team. Shoot down every enemy crossing your way and always have a safe spot in mind to hide whenever things turn too messy. In the course of the game you can buy more powerful weapons and protection to survive even longer. Are you ready for this? Find out in Combat 4 here on!

Controls: Mouse = Aim / Zoom / Shoot, Arrows / WASD = Move, 1-2 = Switch Weapons, R = Reload


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