Burnin' Rubber: Cartapult

Rating: 4.3

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Burnin' Rubber: Cartapult

Burnin' Rubber: Catapult is an amazing racing and action game that you can play online and for free on Silvergames.com. Not every car is meant to be driven at high speeds across the asphalt or used to transport people and goods. Some are meant to have gas tanks attached to them and be catapulted from a great distance into morning traffic. Burnin' Rubber: Catapult is such a physics-based, car launching game dedicated to awesome, high octane destruction.

Send cars flying and try to hit as many building, blimps and bonus billboards as you can to earn lots of money. If you manage to take down a few cars as well, so much the better! Once you've earned some cash, you will automatically unlock cool new options. Point the catapult in the right direction and fire away! Enjoy Burnin' Rubber: Catapult!

Controls: Arrows / WASD = direction / move launched car, Space / Z = launch / explode


Burnin' Rubber: Cartapult: MenuBurnin' Rubber: Cartapult: Gameplay Catapult CarBurnin' Rubber: Cartapult: Flying Car GameplayBurnin' Rubber: Cartapult: Bomb Exploding Gameplay

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