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Catapult Games are mostly free shooting games where players have to destroy different objects shooting with a catapult. Ruin a castle with only one shot. Go on thrilling adventures and conquer as many territories as you can in our best catapult games for kids and adults. Launch animals and even cars for maximum distance to score points in our online games.

Play online and learn how to control a fire catapult. Travel across a medieval kingdom and defeat all the enemies using your big weapon. In some of the catapult games, players have to develop a strategy to demolish buildings step by step. Send rockets and ragdolls high in the air and aim precisely to deliver them to the destination.

Play cool catapult games online or with a friend and crush everything on the way to exit. In the fun games with catapults are all about shooting and destroying. Choose one of our free games and accomplish all the missions on every level. To shoot as far away as possible, you have to aim precisely and click in the right moment.

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