Launch Games

What are Launch Games?

Launch Games are awesome upgrade and distance games for you to fire that rocket as far as possible and you can play them online and for free on Are you a fan of rockets and do you always want to become better and get further? Take that ambition and use it while playing the best Launch Games online and for free. We have collected them for you to play here, so what are you waiting for?

Play Into Space 2, the next sequel of the funny upgrade game. Get ready to launch your cool rocket into interplanetary space and manover it over obstructive objects as far as you can. Try to unlock new achievements, collect money to buy lots of upgrades and send your space shuttle even further. Your aim is to shoot this rocket as far into space as possible and collect all the money on your way that you can get.

Another fun one is Learn To Fly, a distance game, in which you have to help a cute little penguin to fly as far as possible. Start with just the penguin itself and try to bounce off the water to make it as far as you can. Earn money to upgrade your penguin with a glider and a rocket. The more money you earn the better you can equip your black and white friend to master to art of flying. There are more cool Launch Games like Mad Burger, Orcs Attack, Ragdoll Fall and many more. Much fun!

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