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What are Kingdom Games?

Kingdom Games are strategy, building and destruction games about running or overthrowing a kingdom. Here at we have collected the best and most fun kingdom games for you to enjoy yourself with. Build up a powerful kingdom to rule the world or destroy those of your enemies. Create a magical new kingdom that would be at home in a Disney movie, or plot your way to success as you would in a board game like Kingdom Builder. Our free online games about kingdoms let you explore and develop a place the way you want it to be.

Play Goodgame Empire, an online war strategy game by Goodgame Studios, in which you build a powerful empery. You have been entrusted with your very own castle but you own still a small empire. It's now up to you to expand it and turn it into a huge kingdom. Build houses for your people, so that they can help you gather the means to grow. Or how about Royal Story, a cute kingdom building MMO game by Plinga. Once upon a time, in a far away land there lived a beautiful princess who was beloved to the whole folk... or it was a prince, maybe. However, you see it's up to you how the fairy tale continues. Start your own Royal Story by choosing your gender, and then go on to organize and run your own kingdom.

Siege the castle of a rival king and lay it to waste using catapults. Send your armies to reclaim the land and free the populace like in Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Try our exciting new kingdom games and prove yourself as the just and powerful ruler of a new era. Defend your subjects from monsters and zombies, while you are building a magical tomorrow in our best fun kingdom games. Play them online with your friends or top players from all over the world. Have fun!

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