Love and Treasure Quest

Rating: 3.9

(106 votes)

Love and Treasure Quest

Love and Treasure Quest is a fun addicting adventure puzzle game in which you have to clear the way of a brave character removing pins. In this free online game on, you will take on the role of a cool looking knight who would do anything to reach beautiful princesses or precious chests full of treasures.

Find out which pins to remove first in order to clear your way from hot lava, deadly spikes or dumb orcs trying to kill you. You can also cut ropes to drop huge rocks, which can eliminate your enemies or save you from other threats. Have fun playing this free online game Love and Treasure Quest!

Controls: Mouse


Love And Treasure Quest: MenuLove And Treasure Quest: Gameplay Physics BasedLove And Treasure Quest: Gameplay StrategyLove And Treasure Quest: Gameplay Physics Fun

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