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Liquid Games are fun water games and impressive liquid simulators, all of which have to do with a matter in a liquid state. Whether it's water, oil, lemonade or fun colorful liquids, here at you'll find the best online liquid games. Whether a matter is liquid or solid depends on the substance as well as the temperature and pressure. We all learned this in elementary school: when the temperature of water drops below 0 degrees, it becomes hard and turns into ice, when it rises above 0 degrees again, the ice melts.

So in our fun category of best liquid games, we'll just move above the freezing point to keep everything nice and flowing and smooth. You can swim in liquids, you can drink them, or you can use them for fun phsysics-based games. For example, you can fill two containers with the same amount of liquid or move the right pins to make the liquid flow into the right glasses.

There are also fascinating liquid simulators that will let you create impressive images. What if you could control the properties of a liquid mass yourself? Change the color, pressure or resolution of a liquid mass and move it around with your mouse to create great images. Sounds cool, doesn't it? Just browse through our great collection of the best Liquid Games and choose your favorite one, online and for free on!

Liquid Games

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