Prince of Persia

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Prince of Persia

Prince of Persia is a funny arcade game where you have to guide the prince to the exit. You can play this game online and for free on You have 8 minutes to navigate the dungeon to the Vizir's throne room and stop him from unleashing the Sands of Time. Run fast, jump high from one platform to another and make sure to avoid all the obstacles on your way.

Use the arrow keys to move the Prince of Persia in all directions. When in combat mode, press the arrow up to parry an incoming attack. Pressing the arrow down will allow you to put your sword away in case you need to escape. Have fun with Prince of Persia!

Controls: Arrow Keys = Move/Jump; Space = Standing forward jump; SHIFT = Pick up items


Prince Of Persia: GamePrince Of Persia: PlayPrince Of Persia: PrincePrince Of Persia: SwordPrince Of Persia: Warrior

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