Stunt Simulator

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Stunt Simulator

Ready for another fun-addicting, free online driving game? Play Stunt Simulator and defy the rules of gravity speeding through ramps to perform amazing air stunts. Choose a field and a vehicle, drive free of time limits and other restrictions and try to generate as many points as possible doing all kinds of crazy tricks. Don’t worry if you hit other cars moving around or other objects, you can reset your vehicle whenever you want, so just step on the gas pedal and enjoy!

You can choose from two different settings: are you more into cities or do you prefer speeding around on an empty field? Choose a car like super, truck, sport, concept, apc, racer or big rig and just speed around like there is no tomorrow. There are really no rules to this game other than to have as much fun as possible. Have fun with Stunt Simulator, a free online game on!

Controls: Arrows / WASD = drive, Space = handbrake


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