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Backflip Games are freestyle sports games where the player performs acrobatic flips in backward direction. Let a stickman jump on a trampoline and show your audience cool single, double and triple backflips. Drive a bmx bike over loops and ramps and do a flip without crashing into other drivers. If you even find yourself in mid-air, upside down and turning all around, then you probably play one of our free backflip games.

Dutifully collected by the bouncy acrobats here at you finally get to experience the fleeting moments of zero gravity as your body spins around high up in the air. Backflips are a specific type of stunt or acrobatic achievement, that sees you spin around backwards until you land on your feet again. When successful it is often a great way to impress people with your athletic prowess or your daring. Better yet, it can lead to great stories that the ambulance drivers will tell the doctors when they get you to hospital. If you're not quite ready to risk injury, why not try out these gnarly backflip games?

Here you can indulge in the wildest acrobatic attempts in order to get a high score. You can do it on a trampoline or driving a motocross bike. You can try to backflip as you hurtle down the dirt tracks. Gather enough speed and momentum to propel your character into the air and then let them spin until they're dizzy! Our online backflip games are sure to keep you glued to your machine as the challenge continually increases and keeps on your toes. Don't forget our games are not only free, they're also playable online without downloads or registration. Have fun!

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