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What are Clown Games?

Clown games are creepy or horror games about circus performers with strange make-up. Here at you have fun with the dark and frightening side of clowns. Sure, Bozo might look silly, but are you sure he isn't some kind of vicious killer in our best online Clown Games for free? Better grab your gun and start shooting him down whenever he shows his face. Unfortunately, if you don't have any guns you may have to hide and run away from the scary, grotesque clowns coming to get you.

How about you start with Five Nights at Candy's, a horror point-and-click game to put your nerves to the test. Candy’s Burgers and Fries is looking for a new security guard on the night shifts. All you have to do is to monitor all cameras and check that everything’s all right over there. For safety reasons, the power is limited at night, so try not to use the electric doors and the night vision for too long or you might run out of energy. And one last thing, just in case, if the cute kitty robots start randomly walking through the floors, don’t let them get to you.

In our free online Clown Games your task is simple: survive the attacks of the creepy clowns that are after you. Sometimes you can do it by just shooting at them as they jump at you from behind a corner. Other times, our top fun games will stick you into a dark and scary place like an abandoned house or a fear-inducing forest. Keep calm and move around carefully to avoid the watch of the frightening clowns. You will need nerves of steel to avoid the grasp of these evil killers and live to see the end of these awesome new Clown Games. Much fun!

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