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There is strength in numbers. Which is incredibly helpful as these Multiplayer Survival Games will seriously test your ability to make it through a level unharmed. The vault dwellers here at have sifted through myriads of entries to bring you the very best in EVERYONE FOR THEMSELVES! gameplay.

Survival games tend to have a wide range of different settings. They may take place in the wilderness, after a zombie apocalypse or even among hungry piranhas. Your task in each of them is reasonably straight-forward: don't die! Fight for your life on your own, with friends or, and that's most likely with these multiplayer survival games, with the help of a random assortment of complete strangers from all over the world. Maybe you will need to find an exit together, or escape zombies in a post-apocalyptic hellscape or simply explore your surroundings to find items, equipment or weapons that will help you stay alive. Some games will even allow you to build and craft things to mount a defense with later. Maybe you'll hole up in a building somewhere strategically shooting at menaces coming to get you.

So call on your friends and random strangers, form alliances of convenience and necessity and stave off the gruesome end in these multiplayer survival games.They are free and require no downloads whatsoever to play. 

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