People Games

What are People Games?

People Games are fun distance, shooting, driving and strategy games that all feature humans in one way or another. Are you a social person who likes to converse and interact with people? Or maybe you are someone who likes to study human behavior and social interactions? In both cases you have found the right game category for you and you can now start to browse through our cool collection of the best People Games, online and for free on

Start with We Become What We Behold, a 5 minutes game created by Nicky Case. You have to take the role of the media, give people what they want and look how society acts. Take pictures of people to have other people look at them. Another cool game about social media is Tube Clicker. This one is an online Youtube simulation game for fans of incremental games. Do you want to become a real youtuber with thousands and thousands of subscribers and millions of views? The cool and fun- addicting youtube clicker game Tube Clicker will make your dream come true.

If you want to find out what people love and how to attract them in order to visit your business, then play Amuse Park. Start your own amuse park, exhilarate people and earn money. Build as many attractions as you can afford, do upgrades and buy decorations. Place the attractions wisely and clear each goal of happy visitors to win the game. There are more fun People Games like Angry Chubby, Gibbets 3, Followers and many more. Much fun!

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