Speed Games

What are Speed Games?

Life moves pretty fast. If you never start running, you might get left behind. That's why we here at Silvergames.com put together a collection of the fastest, most exciting and thrilling Speed Games. Here you can play games that will make your heart beat faster and keep your adrenaline levels high.

Speed is an evaluation of velocity. Or in other words, speed is what attribute to things that go really, really fast. Like in a race, or one car in pursuit of another in some action movie. When it comes to games, though, speed either relates to rally-type games, where cars shift gears and drift around corners.. or they relate to the ever-growing genre of reaction games. In those you simply need to tap the screen or button quickly to move your character out of harm's way. As the levels speed up, they also become increasingly more difficult to maneuver in. You need to be able to make quick decision to progress in the game and maybe even show your excellent skills by setting a new, impressive high score.

So make sure you get in the zone, divest yourself of any and all distractions and focus on the fast thrills that await you in the upper echelons of velocity. These speed games won't wait for you, so hurry up!

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Most Played Speed Games