Breaking The Bank

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Breaking The Bank

All paths to glory are paved with big mistakes. In Breaking the Bank Henry Stickman made the big mistake of thinking robbing a bank would be easy. Why not try it out yourself? Think you are smart enough to get to the end of this puzzle game? Experiment with the options and enjoy some inventive and often hilarious mishaps that befall your protagonist. And remember kids, crime doesn't pay! Unless it's big and ballsy enough.

Henry Stickman is a master of invading all kinds of institutions, but do you think he can make it into a bank? Choose between using a laser drill, digging a tunnel, exploding the wall, destroying it with a wrecking ball, teleporting you into the bank or an approach in disguise. All these options sound rather promising, right? Click on each one of them and see what happens to this funny stick man. Good luck in breaking into the bank with the infamous Henry Stickman and Breaking the Bank online and for free on!

Controls: Mouse


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