Give Up 2

Rating: 3.5

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Give Up 2

Put yourself to the torture of Give Up 2! In the second installment of the challenging platform game you have to pass several obstacles and deadly traps in order to get through the exit door alive. How often do you have to die to throw in the towel? Run through the first level without anyone or anything keeping you from it and begin your suffering in level 2. Sharp spikes are waiting for you to step on them and burst you into one bloddy puddle.

This game is not only about being quick. You also have to think smart, plan your moves cleverly and learn from every failure. How many times do you have to die in order to make it to the end? Is there even an end? Find out and good luck not dying in this brutal game Give Up 2, online and for free on!

Controls: Arrows = Move / Jump


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