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Driving Games are free car simulator games which allow players to control different kinds of vehicles. Online truck and bus driving games are the most popular among players. Become a taxi driver and escape from police racing through the city in one of our cool driving games. Attend a driving school to become a professional racer. Amazing 3D landscapes, realistic cars and even trains are waiting for you to start driving right now.

Our online driving games will teach you how to pull off amazing stunts on your bike and drift around the corners. Grab the steering wheel and switch gears to be the first to reach the finish line in every level. Control a massive car carrying important cargo and don't lose a single box. Start your engine and perform some dangerous stunts driving a race car, heavy 8-wheeler or a cool motorbike. Drift and drive your vehicle to the top spot and let all the other racers eat your dust in these free racing games.

Dash with incredible speed and avoid accidents in the best driving games. Let your racer drift around on obstacle courses and win one race after another. In some racing games, you will have to deal with other vehicles blocking the way. Use handbrake driving a monster truck to crush smaller cars under your enormous wheels. Make your way through driving school and deliver passengers from one end of the city to the other. Play as a professional taxi driver and park a bus in a tight spot without dinging all the surrounding cars.

Try out our online simulators and see if you're not meant to be an international superstar of the racing scene. Set new records. Push your engine to the limit. These driving games are challenging, addictive and fun. Dodge, swerve and accelerate at the right time to leave the competition behind. Only if you spare your brake pedal, will you take the lead in the arcade-style driving games on Silvergames.com.

Try out our free drift simulation games and take your driver around the bend in style. These racing games will challenge you and your driving skills. Take care of your rider and try to beat your previous lap record. Drive brand new cars in our cool driving games and burn some rubber.

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