Dummy Games

What are Dummy Games?

Dummy Games are awesome physics-based ragdoll games, sandbox simulators and exciting fighting, distance and running games that all feature a poor little dummy. They are often subject to random experiments and tests, acting as a human replacement and quite frequently end up completely destroyed. If you love experimenting with ragdolls or simply prefer to play with a dummy rather than a real human, then this category is the right one for you. Make these funny looking ragdolls fly, fall, run and many other things.

If you are looking to release some anger, then you should try Mutilate a Doll. This one is a physical sandbox simulator developed by Rava Games. If that sounds immediately appealing to you, you should probably seek professional help. But if you are only morbidly curious, then this splatter slapstick game may be fun for you. Use the technical interface to conduct fun experiments with your ragdoll. 

This game might be too violent for you, so try Don't Fall instead. It is a fun addicting multiplayer online ragdoll game that challenges you to just stand for as long as possible on a platform surrounded by deadly spikes. Control the dummy to make it stay nice and safe on the platform and do all you can to avoid falling down, just as the name of the game suggests. There are more fun Dummy Games like Turbo Dismount, Sandbox Ragdoll, Striker Dummies and many more. Much fun!

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