Riddle Games

Is it a bird, is it some planes? No, it's just lots and lots of Riddle Games! The taskmasters here at Silvergames.com have put their heads together to bring you the best in brainteasers and puzzles that online games can offer. Find out just how smart you really are.

Riddles are small and unassuming tasks that provide you with some problem without an obvious solution. At least at first glance. You really need to get that old brain muscle going again, before you can figure out the solution. Riddle games come in various shapes and sizes. Some are straight-forward puzzles. Some are trivia games with a twist. Some play with your assumptions about games and logic in a humourous way. All of them hide their challenge in the way they present information. You need to make clever deductions and reach the solution step by step to win. Some things you just can't handle with brute force.

Find out if you're clever enough to solve all the riddle games, that you can play here for free. Did you know that they are also playable without the need for downloads or registration. Just put on your thinking cap and get to work! Have fun!

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