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Shadow Games are shady action, fighting and puzzle games in which your shadow takes on vicious enemies. Where there is shadow, there is light, but often these battles take place in relative darkness. The shadow is an unlit or less lit area behind an opaque body that is illuminated by a light source. We all know the classic shadow plays, in which a story is told by casting a shadow on an illuminated surface. It is always amazing how many figures and shapes you can form with your hands with the help of the shadow.

The shadow that a body casts on its surroundings is called a cast shadow or silhouette. Apart from that, there are also core shadows, penumbra shadows and transitional shadows. It depends on the shape and number of light sources and their position, the shape and position of the background and the nature of the body, how exactly the shadow falls. That's why you can move around and you will notice that your shadow follows you wherever you go. 

In our sinister collection of the best shadow games, you can expect merciless fights in the darkness, mysterious puzzles in gloomy abandoned buildings, thieving ventures and exciting platform adventures. A shadow is perfect for pulling the wool over your enemy's eyes and then skillfully taking them out. Use the darkness to your advantage to escape from scary places in one of our nerve-wracking escape games, but be careful that your shadow doesn't betray you and get the attention of security personnel. Have fun with the best Shadow Games, as always online and free on!

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